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The five suspended squares in Venice lagoon.


The creative support for modeling the idea, this time is the blue background of the Venetian lagoon. With the usual skilful hand and the determinate line, through a singular linear sign, believing in old structures tradition: the bridge.

The proposal is to develop the existing connection, building a cycle-pedestrian deck above the Liberty Bridge, a solution to resolve the problem for secure cyclist's connection from Mestre to Venice.



Through innovative footprint, the coined solution, assign the path a new character, not only a new function, but also developing unique structural system, architecturally shaped using steel and glass.

Crossing the path seem to glimpse the "gondola", the "gondola" oar, the "briccole" and finally the San Marco tower, all unique Venetian daily life signs, stolen and expertly transformed into structures. Unique in its kind, would be the longest suspended pedestrian bridge around the world.



Starts from Pili and ends at the Piazzale Roma with a total distance of 3,800 m,6 mwide, 2 m occupied by bike path, 2 m by pedestrian path, 2 m by green space and rest points. One more characteristic is the sustainability, which assigns a value to the project already loaded with innovative elements. In fact, through the installation of photovoltaic colored panels of new generation, would be produced enough electricity to illuminate the Liberty Bridge, Piazzale Roma and San Giuliano Park .

Still in the line of sustainability concept, the project suggests to rent and sell advertising spaces on the structure, solution that would enable the bridge to be "self-sustaining".



The deck will not only be viable. On the deck you can also encounter. The space on the water becomes "platform" in the proper sense of the term. Five squares dampen the linear path, identifying each with distinctive architectural elements.

The Five Squares on the water:


The LAGUNA SQUARE The first square, which starts from Mestre, host wide mirrors water, with alternating jets, designed to be a playground for children's as well as a fresh area during warm periods and at the same time choreographic. The big mirrors surrounded by signs on the floor a few centimeters deep referring to the Venetian canals. The square hosting wooden seats to ensure pleasant stay.


PiazzadellalagunaTOP.jpg       PiazzadellaLagunaVT.jpg


The LIGHT SQUARE A normal, almost aseptic, crossing place during the day which turn at night in a marked square by light, through signs on the floor, creating a design that appears to be a hybrid between the Venetian canals and a digital design, which diffuse on the whole surface, creating seats or lampposts. Murano sculptures decorate the square, the first figure is two horses and the second figure the snails. Elements that demonstrate the Venetian master ability and offer a nice starting point for photographs and paintings.

 piazza5_luce_notte_top_.jpg       Piazza5NOTTE__copy.jpg


The CENTRAL SQUARE The main theme of the central square is the famous bell tower of San Marco revived in a modern steel and glass, rises in the center of the square, assuming static function and choreography. The square ideally divided in outdoor commercial area and repaired area below the bell tower, to ensure the livability during all periods of the year.


piazza_centrale_copy.jpg        PIAZZA2V1VT_copy.jpg


The PARK SQUARE This Square is the true lung of the Lagoon. A small park that offers the opportunity to relax in nature or be a starting point for a leisurely walk or for picnic, surrounded by the beautiful Venice skyline.

 Piazza_Uno_copy.jpg       PiazzadelParcoVT.jpg


TheYOUNG MAN SQUARE It's near Venice gate way, the square of the young man offer open space for families and young mans, giving freedom to breath. Divided into two areas: children area with various games and entertainment area for young mans with skate park, slopes and steps, its can be used also as stop point for an enjoyable read or for rest, giving maximum spaces flexibility.

 piazza4ok_copy.jpg       PiazzadeiGiovaniVT.jpg


Five spaces suspended "above" the lagoon, an innovative idea that updates the classic connection concepts, giving opportunity to live the space, instead of crossing the lagoon just for communication needs. The idea is to live a space that has been always for passing through. Innovative idea or professional utopia? Let's meet and talk "above" the lagoon.


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