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Ancient forms designed in a modern clef: Brilliant!

As we know Leonardo da Vinci was an artist, scientist, inventor, so famous Italian painter. A man full of genius that influenced so hard the past and present generation, leading to higher forms of expression in the various fields of art and science.

Designing ambitious modern solutions inspired by ancient forms thought by Leonardo da Vinci resign history, keep footprint for the present and future generation, recall the lightness of the wind represented in the ancient forms of Leonardo da Vinci flying machines: the Helicopter, the Flying Machine and the Wind Wing.


From these three machines of Leonardo born beautiful structures, real art, ancient forms designed in a modern clef; the main line is lightness, as we can see in the images, it is the dominant element present in Leonardo wind machines.



These futuristic structures express symbolically the wind machines of Leonardo, thought to fit the historical contexts and the historical monuments present in the old European cities like Rome, Paris, London ecc. Their presence in the old cities recalls the genius and his influence on European culture.


The structure look like a sculpture with a nice balance and at the same time give feeling of movement, dynamism, as Leonardo machines. These ambitious designs has roots from the past but at the same time has a modern look, its one of those designs not influenced by time and can be proposed in all periods.

Functionally, it can be useful for different purposes; coffee, business and social space.

From technical point of view the structure can be mounted in short time, a few elements can be assembled and the structure is ready!

These innovative designs combined with modern materials, have also the ability to valorize the urban space, to preserve as much as possible the atmosphere of the place, and at the same time express the memory of the place, and above all to recall the great genius of Leonardo da Vinci, creating a harmonious and interesting contraposition between past and future.

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