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 Arch. Mor Temor is international Architecture firm committed to designing unique buildings and one of a kind architectural concepts.

Founded by Temor Mor in 2000 the firm focuses on the process of designing unique structures with unique concepts, some of the Temor Mor creations is Floating Living Bridge, Inhabited Flying Carpet, Five Suspended Squares, Structures inspired by ancient forms of Leonardo Da Vinci… i.e..

Following an in depth analysis of the site, climate, material’s and forms, the Arch. Mor Temor firm’s projects are reflective of the client’s vision and offer environmentally sensitive solutions for the sites climate. With a collaborative approach to the design process, Temor Mor emphasizes a dialogue with clients and consultants from complimentary disciplines to ensure a project’s multidimensional success.

Temor Mor is committed to producing unique buildings that become one with their natural settings. With keen attention to structure solutions, Temor Mor designs embody a language that weaves together the ancient and modern forms of the site. When Temor Mor weaves together these elements with the traditional and modern materials along with new technologies (photovoltaic’s, hydroponics, i.e.) the site flourishes.

Temor Mor is focusing his efforts on an ongoing mission to create structures that reduce at minimum the impact on the environment; to be green.

Changing the world, one structure at a time...